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We have our first series of oil on canvas named "SAUNDARYA'' (The Beauty) by the well known artist of India. We get a glance of rich Indian tradition historical culture in these paintings, Finally we hope this to be absorber by you and have fresh image of our historical heritage.

A virtual Indian Saundarya on canvas Traditionally, feminine beauty in India is elaborately constructed. The sixteen adornments (Solah shringar) that comprise a women's beauty include jewelry, dress, perfumes, and hair arrangements. Solah Shringar is generally for married women, dancers and courtesans.

The exuberance of the art traditions, the love of colour and decoration permeates the Indian historical ethos. Ornamentations in Indian art has been in existence from ancient times to the sophistication of Mughal Art. Artist yearns for the excellence of the past as in Old Master paintings and it is both nostalgia as well as a tribute to the bygone era as he tries to replicate the refined sense of color and beauty.

Also notable is Artist's masterful treatment of the people and place of Rajasthan. The decorative brilliance and grandeur of the forts and the colorful culture adds a royal touch to the canvases. Each canvas is a masterful piece of work and without doubt a museum quality painting. His romantic and colorful world is peopled by graceful figures with a regal feel and ambience. It s a recreation of a gentle and romantic bygone era, a reminder of the romanticism of Rajsthan, which is now fading fast.

Master Piece

We have our Second series of oil on canvas named "MASTER PIECE''. As the name says, its based on all Unique Art Work created by world known artists MASTER PIECE & giving it a TOUCH of Indian Beauty.

The size of pantings ranges from 30” x 40” to 60” x 78”.


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